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  The Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital site was part of the inspiration for starting the Community Land Trust in 2018.  Those actively involved in the organisation want to find a way of ensuring that there are community facilities and new homes that will contribute positively to the wellbeing of local people.  Community Land Trusts, of which there are more than 200 in the UK,  can identify suitable sites and work with partners and the community to build truly affordable accommodation that meets local demand.  Trusts can also build community and health-related facilities for the locality. The Emsworth CLT is currently looking as several sites in or near the town as well as the hospital site.

The Hospital site and #Emsworth United

The ECLT was one of the many local organisations that helped drive the campaign of #Emsworth United recently in order to prevent the hurried sale of the site by the NHS Property Company who put it with agents to sell in July 2018.  The campaign brought together hundreds of people to hear from the NHS, the local surgery, health experts and others at a vibrant public meeting in August 2018. (Click here for a summary & more detailed report of the meeting). As a result of relentless pressure, the NHS withdrew the site from sale in August 2018.  The Emsworth Surgery’s representative stated at the public meeting that they will revisit their plans on the future location of the surgery and look again at the Hospital site in the town centre. Local MP, Alan Mak is spearheading more meetings about the hospital site to follow up his initial correspondence about the matter with the NHS.  (Click here to see our MP’s correspondence on the matter).

The Public meeting in August 2018

The #Emsworth United campaign meeting showed the huge strength of feeling in the town and lasting affection for the old hospital.  The Community Land Trust was also introduced at the meeting offering an alternative way of developing the site if the surgery decides against it.  Many people took the opportunity to become founder members of Emsworth Community Land Trust. 

The Emsworth Community Land Trust will work closely with other interested Community organisations, including representatives from:  Emsworth Forum,  Friends of Emsworth Community Health,  Emsworth Business Association, Emsworth Community Association;  Emsworth Residents Association and Emsworth Health Action, all of whom are represented on committees of the Community Land Trust.

 There are many successful examples throughout the UK where communities have taken the lead on new affordable housing and local health facilities through a Community Land Trust, and there is every reason to suppose that Emsworth could see similar success.




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