How is the Community Land Trust Run?


Membership of Emsworth Community Land Trust is open to all people over 16 years who live or work in Emsworth and support the aims of the CLT.  The CLT is a membership model, one member one vote. This means that all members of the CLT can have a direct influence on decision making. This makes sure that the CLT is democratic, supports community engagement and builds on the skills of all its members. Regular membership meetings will be set up and a Board (of between 4 and 12 directors) will meet at least quarterly, including annual general meetings.

The current inaugural board includes local people with many skills. The current directors are made up of members of local groups including Emsworth Forum, Friends of Emsworth Community Health, Emsworth Business Association, Emsworth Community Centre, Churches Together and Emsworth Residents Association as well a number of other local residents.  The current board is below.

·        Dwynwen Stepien (Chair)

·        Maggie Gebbett (Secretary)

·        Theo Schofield (Vice Chair)

·        Harry Thuillier (Treasurer)

·        Charles Ashe

·        Shirley Farmer

·        Sheila Lawrence

·        Peter Tier

·        James Bassett


In September, there will be chance to volunteer for and elect additional board members.