Community Land Trusts (CLT) help make sure that the community can take forward development opportunities in their area. As a CLT all our activities will be to further the social, economic and environmental interest of the people in the local community.

Emsworth CLT is formed for the benefit of the community to promote, in a sustainable manner, the social, economic and/or environmental interests of people who live and/or work, or who want to live and/or work in Emsworth.

We aim

  • to develop environmentally sustainable and affordable housing schemes

  • to promote and develop community led initiatives including opportunities to support health and wellbeing

  • to seek advice and training as well as grants and investment to help us meet our objectives  

  • to work in partnership with the community, local groups, the council, housing associations and other groups that support our aims


This mission will enable the CLT to achieve the aims in the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan (draft 2017)

  • more affordable housing options offering a mix of housing including smaller units for young or more elderly residents

  • specialist accommodation to assist people in being independent

  • development of the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital site for local people

  • community based health facilities and services that support healthy lifestyles

There are many successful examples throughout the UK where communities have taken the lead on new affordable housing schemes, and we strongly believe Emsworth has a chance of meeting these ambitions through a Community Land Trust.

How will Emsworth CLT achieve its aims?

Havant Borough Council is providing funding to support the setting up of the CLT and also to enable it to hire architects, undertake surveys etc and even to gain planning permission for one or more sites. The CLT is grateful for these grants as well those received from the national CLT Network and Emsworth Residents Association. The government has just announced a multi-million Community Housing Fund to support community led housing initiatives. We will be bidding for a substantial amount of development funding.

Housing associations are not-for-profit organisations that are experts in providing and managing good quality affordable housing as well as wider services often linked to employment. There are examples of successful partnerships of CLTs with Housing Associations that have achieved great developments on behalf of communities.   Emsworth CLT is seeking to develop a partnership with a Housing Association that can help us achieve our ambitions, we believe that this will help us:

  • access expertise both in building and managing affordable housing

  •  access financial capacity and grants, as well as loans

  •  be supported in managing risk, especially in ensuring that our schemes are financially viable in the short and long term

  • develop our future capacity as a CLT, training directors and engaging members of the community

A Memorandum of Understanding between the CLT and the Housing Association will shape the partnership from the outset to enable the partnership model to be developed for mutual benefit.

What sites do we have in mind?

The Emsworth community is passionate about ensuring that the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital site is retained for the benefit of residents.  On July 26th 2018, NHS Property Services Ltd formally expressed its intent on selling the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital site.

The site is registered as an Asset of Community Value which means, once the CLT has expressed an interest in bidding, NHS Property Services have to allow 6 months for a bid to be received. However there is no compunction on the NHS to accept this bid. 

On 28th July the #EmsworthUnited campaign was launched by the Emsworth Business Association, Emsworth Community Association, Emsworth Residents Association, the Friends of Emsworth Community Health and Emsworth Forum. They all support the redevelopment of the hospital site by Emsworth CLT following full consultation with local people.

There are examples throughout the UK where CLTs have developed schemes with a mix of housing and health/community facilities. Working with the right partners, we believe that the CLT can achieve an ambitious development on this site. This location is ideal for those who may need to have services and shops close-by as well as accessing the community facilities we hope to provide on the ground floor.

The second potential opportunity is that of the one acre previous gasholder site just-off Palmers Road.  This could make excellent family housing with carefully designed homes that take into account the surroundings as well as dealing with any contamination issues arising from previous use.  As at August 1st 2018 we do not yet know of the plans for the site and Southern Gas Network, however, they have offered to meet the CLT to discuss further. We are keen to know of other areas where community led housing could lead the development of new homes.